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A community to celebrate the women of Downton Abbey!

Welcome to downton_girls. Here is a place where you can celebrate all of the strong & wonderful women on Downton Abbey! Arts, fics and anything featuring any of the female characters are welcome!

Your mods are: ella_rose88 & jungle_ride.


♥ Treat everyone with respect. This means no character or ship bashing. We all won't agree on everything, however please consider the difference between having an opinion and bashing.
♥ Tags should be used and each post should have a heading. If you forget to do this, one of the mods will remind you! Don't worry if you forget! We all do that sometimes, but make sure you do it. Otherwise you will have to face Mr Carson! The tag list can be found HERE.
♥ Fics, arts and videos or anything about any of the female characters are accepted. Please make sure you warn for any adult content. For fanfic, please use the following:

For fanart: make sure that you post only 3 icons in the post and any graphics above a cut must be 400px by 300px.
For wallpapers/ banners: only 1 preview is allowed.
For fanvids: all embedded videos must be re-sized to 450x200 or go under an lj-cut.
♥ Discussion on any of the episodes and female characters are welcome! Just abide by the above rules and make sure that most of the focus is on the women. After all this community is about them! Use an lj cut as well in case people have yet not viewed any episodes in series 2.
♥ Romantic pairings fics and arts are also accepted and encouraged. As long as any of the female characters are featured!
♥ Interviews/News about any of the actresses on the show and/or about any future episodes are welcomed! However make sure you put them under a cut and warn for any spoilers.
♥ Any questions and/ or concerns, please visit this post.

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